May 19, 2016

Original CME publication and validation in 2008: Monograph commissioned and accredited for continuing medical education (CME) by the Institute for Functional Medicine, titled "Musculoskeletal Pain: Expanded Clinical Strategies."


Updated in 2011 as "Fibromyalgia in a Nu...

May 19, 2016

Quote: "Case reports have described Parkinson disease in individuals exposed to OPs; to herbicides including glyphosate, paraquat, and diquat; and to fungicides including maneb and other dithiocarbamates. Higher concentrations of organochlorines, particularly dieldrin,...

May 17, 2016

Article being reviewed: Norelle R. Reilly, MD. The Gluten-Free Diet: Recognizing Fact, Fiction, and Fad. Journal of Pediatrics 2016 in press May

Importance: This article was widely distributed in the media via press releases and television coverage; therefore its accura...

May 16, 2016

I was right in 2008 and 2011: In 2008, I published the first (to my knowledge) integrated model of fibromyalgia in a CME monograph commissioned by the Institute for Functional Medicine. In 2011 I created the video immediately below based on the book I had just publishe...

May 11, 2016

Comment on: "Association of Environmental Toxins With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis" by Su et al in JAMA Neurolology May 09, 2016

Environmental toxins: Generally this term is and should be used to describe naturally-occurring substances that have major toxic effects, s...

April 30, 2016

Over the course of many years of work, experience, and reflection, I have increasing clarity and appreciation regarding the nonacademic influences on my academic and professional life. Despite 4 years of undergraduate study and 12 years of doctorate-level study culmina...



We receive Dr Czeranko's book "Vaccination and Naturopathic Medicine" with urgent necessity as we witness pro-vaccine hysteria rage uncontrolled across the United States and spread by political extension to other countries. Reasoned debate, intellectual discourse, sc...

April 28, 2016



Previous work: I accept credit for pioneering many important ideas and concepts in the study of microbial dysbiosis; I published these ideas in the first edition of my Integrative Rheumatology in 2006 and also in several articles around that same time, including “Nut...

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