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Courses, Certifications, Continuing (Medical) Education

  1. Accredited Courses for Continuing (Medical) Education: CE/CME

    • 14 hours: Human Microbiome and Dysbiosis in Clinical Practice

  2. Nonaccredited Certificate Courses

    • coming soon

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  4. Instruction and Membership

Human Microbiome and Dysbiosis in Clinical Practice
  • Purpose: To focus on the major themes in the clinical impacts and interventions

  • Accreditations: 14 hours of continuing medical education (CME) approved for medical physicians (MD, DO, ND), pharmacists, nurses and nurse practitioners; chiropractic credits are in application for select states.

  • Delivery & Location: Combination of reading (6 hours of credit) with videos (7 hours of credit)

  • Credit Hours: 14 hours of continuing (medical) education

  • Sections & Topics: See PDF syllabus and introductory video for overview

  • Competency: Must complete the final exam with minimum 70% competency

  • Syllabus: PDF syllabus

  • Website redesign/restructure in 2015: Please note that the ICHNFM website has been completely renewed and restructured starting in Oct 2015; new links and locations are provided throughout along with new features such as improved access to videos. 

  • New search feature: Located at the bottom of each page.

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