Brain Inflammation Blog #7: How to Understand and Treat Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Central Sensitization, Chronic Pain

Dr Alex Vasquez, 28 Jan 2016 

Where is the most recent version of this protocol published?  

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  • Doctor-approved: Dr Vasquez has published/presented this information to doctors in post-graduate education conferences and peer-reviewed publications. 

  • International authority and experience: Dr Vasquez has lectured to doctors and medical students nationally and internationally for 20 years; DrV has more than 120 professional publications.

  • 20 years of clinical practice in various settings: Teaching clinics, private practice, outpatient community clinics (family medicine), hospital-based urgent care and inpatient medicine

  • Context: Dr Vasquez has published more than 120 books, articles, and essays, most of which are directly related to metabolism, nutrition, and clinical medicine. 

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