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The Vaccination Indoctrination: A Few Personal Reflections from a Physician

Dr Alex Vasquez DO DC ND FACN
Essay in preparation; this is not the final version. 8 Nov 2016, updated 18 Aug 2018 

Immaculate Conception of Vaccine Psychology: When we are children, our most recurrent initial exposures and initial impressions of “doctor” is a collage of waiting rooms, cold stethoscopes, crinkly paper atop the examination table, and vaccinations; probably the stress of being sick and scared and receiving the message that doctors will help us, save us, and protect us induces a sort of trauma bonding, a miniature version of Stockholm Syndrome wherein we learn to take pain and suppress our fears and judgments in exchange for the receipt and/or illusion of safety and protection; we are helplessly trapped by our ignorance and illness, and the doctor saves us, so we are told and so we think. We are eternally grateful and say, “Anything you want me to do, I will do it.” Mom holds us close and reassures us that this is for our own good, protection, and that everything will be ok; we learn that getting vaccines is part of growing up, becoming more responsible, and as such we are being taught that vaccines are symbolic of maturity and the power of adulthood. In childhood psychology, vaccination is symbolic, a rite of passage, something we have to endure if we want to grow up. As such, the preservation of our safety and actualization of our self and ego are dependent upon submission to these shots. Accept vaccination, and you are safe in the moment and more powerful in the future—at least that is what the illusion holds. Reject vaccination as a child, and you’ll get told how bad you are, you won’t get hugs, reassurance, and candy, you might get hit or spanked, and you’ll get forcibly held down and vaccinated anyway, so you might as well give in. Once the will is broken, the next round of vaccinations and submissions will be easier. Regardless of whether you or I as adults embrace or reject vaccinations, we must acknowledge that we are indoctrinated into the vaccine paradigm starting at a very early age. 

Rights and Symbols of Initiation, or in this case: Indoctrination: Vaccines are symbolic of medicine, science, and authority; they are part of the image of Western culture's incessant battle with and recurrent "triumphs" over nature and anything that is "not us" or "comes from outside." As such, most doctors never question vaccines and come to love them as a child loves a tattered blanket or favorite plaything. Because of the severe abusiveness of the medical training process, most physicians have Stockholm syndrome (emotional affection towards and psychological alignment with one's captors/abusers) and  and are overly and blindly devoted to the system that abused them, held them captive for 7 years, and then freed them with new powers and a new identity; I think you can only understand this if you've had the somewhat rare experience of brutal training, the constant intimidation and hazing, "abuse with a smile" under the name of professionalism, being stressed to the limits of your tolerance physically and mentally for months and years on end, and then kept awake for periods of 30 hours or more, working hard in situations of complete chaos and hierarchy (within which you are at the very bottom), with complete sleep deprivation, almost no contact with the outside world and sometimes not even seeing sunlight for days on end except as you run past a window in a corridor; when your supervising/attending physician commands you to give vaccines, at that point you'll find yourself too exhausted to put up a fight and resist. When the hospital demands that you get vaccinated or face threat to your work toward getting your medical license after you've already worked brutally hard for 8-10 years of undergraduate, medical school, and residency... You're basically forced with the decision to jeopardize your entire past and future work (your income, your social status, that new house and car, cultural authority, high-income job security) or simply submit to "the shot."

Stockholm Perpetuated: Stockholm syndrome is characterized by emotional affection towards and psychological alignment with one's captors/abusers, and it is generally situational: the captives later regain their correct psycho-social orientation and autonomy when they regain their freedom and "de-roll" from having had to contort their psyches for the sake of survival. The obvious difference between "captive Stockholm syndrome" which is intense and temporary and "medical Stockholm syndrome" which is intense and long-term is that medical training segues into the medical identity. Complete in every respect with financial and ego trappings, elite social status combining wisdom with almost-magical powers, occupational freedom, enhanced romantic appeal, and a few but largely malleable responsibilities, the medical identity with its inherent loyalty to the group is the final result and ultimate product of medical training. Medical school followed by in-hospital residency isn't simply the induction process and system which provides underpaid overworked slave-labor to government-subsidized hospital systems wherein medical graduates learn skills by practicing on the lower/poorer strata of society; medical training ultimately gives these nameless undergraduates their lifetime personal, social, financial, occupational and sometimes political identities. If at the start of training they were pushed into the medical thrasher and well-macerated by sleep-deprivation and constant hazing, then they leave the medical mold well-formed and indeed amorous toward that system that shaped them, indeed made them who and what they are.  Having been extra-studious in their science studies, many of them since the start of their last four years of senior/high-school starting at age 14 years, then cramming throughout undergraduate school to achieve top marks (now age ~22-24 years), then studying for medical college entry exam, then working 80-100 hours per week for the four years of medical school (26-28 years of age), then another (typically) three years of another ~100 hours per week of in-hospital residency training (>32yo), medical graduates are quite likely to be socially underdeveloped for the obvious reason that they have not had time to live and breathe much outside of biomedicine. Socially and psychologically, they have been "on ice" and "in the deep freeze" while yet paradoxically gaining more social authority and having to manage the biomedical details and often the psychology of persons older, wiser, more life-experienced, and quite possibly more broadly educated. To maintain the facade, many doctors commonly employ the technique of bullshitting (per Prof Emeritus Frankfurt), whether that technique is employed intellectually, clinically, or emotionally and socially; as I said before, "being a medical doctor" is an all-encompassing state. One is not simply a medical doctor at the office; one is a medical doctor among one's friends, family, and romantic interests. "She is a doctor" or "He is a doctor" is how people are introduced and described. Allegiance to the herd mentality of medical group-think does not end on the day of graduation from medical school nor at the end of living in a hospital for 3 years (which is why it is called "residency", because one lives inside the hospital, commonly in windowless basements); after eight intense years of brain-inflamming stress and sleep deprivation, that brain mush is now cemented into the medical mold, and now reinforced by new stressors combined with egoistic, egotistic, emotional, financial, romantic, occupational and social-political buttressing on all sides. Following release from residency: no time for reflection, now is the time to open that private office one has been dreaming of for decades and start making a real living. And nothing says "I'm a physician" more than wearing a stethoscope, writing prescriptions and delivering the Holy Grail of medical mythology: vaccines. Let's open that office and sell some vaccines (that one has never studied) to make some money, comply with medical licensing, and get some cash bonuses from insurance companies! I've got money to make, bills to pay including a typical $200,000 in student debt and the new house and the new car, and thus--by logical extension of my personal needs--I'm convinced that vaccines are safe and effective because I need to sell them to make more money and get more insurance bonuses. Ain't no stopping me now when I've got vaccines to sell! Get out of my way, you vaccine-questioners and informed-consent advocates! 

"My small practice spent more than $130,000 last year on vaccines. My card has a 2 percent rebate for all purchases, generating a $2,600 return to the practice. ... The rotavirus vaccine, because it is oral, is coded separately with 90474. The total reimbursement is $125 [per vaccine visit]. ... well-child exam, ... Note that there are five total components to the DTaP/IPV/Hep B vaccine: three in DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) plus one for IPV and one for Hep B. Because the counseling codes pay per component, the total reimbursement is $300 [per vaccine visit] – an extra $175 [per vaccine visit] for providing brief counseling. ... However, with a bit of additional work on my part, an extra $175 [per vaccine visit] is available to us. ... Knowing this, I now schedule a short vaccine-counseling visit with the parents instead of the nurse visit. I review the risks and benefits of the vaccines as I did at the two- and four-month visits and then...receive the higher reimbursement." Fam Pract Manag. 2015 Mar-Apr;22(2):24-29

I'm hurting you for your own good: Vaccines, in a manner similar to radiation and chemotherapy, are highly aligned with the religious/German/Victorian/etc idea of "tough love" which justifies harsh treatment and abuse "for your own good. I know this is going to hurt you, but I'm doing this for your own good because I love you. (Yes, that's the famous statement of many child and spouse [etc] abusers.) For extended discussion of this important point, see "For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence" by Alice Miller.

     We are both helpless victims in this processes. You have to blindly submit to me, just as I have to blindly submit to what I've been told." As a doctor, I get to feign humility as I use this power; psychologically, this is very high payoff for us because we get to feel good about ourselves ("I am humble and submissive to a power greater than myself") while we get paid for using our power. It is the stretching of our emotional rubber band between to opposites of humility and power, and the experience is very stimulating and all-satisfying. 

     That is also along the lines of what snipers and mercenaries say when they "service the target." It is a mix of robotic obedience, submission to authority, cold indifference, and self-victimization -- all masked as humility and fidelity to duty -- all of which provides us with power, authority, and license to be cruel. We have to do this, we have to play our role, and we are not responsible for the outcome.

     Cruelty mixed with love and cruelty mistaken for love both permeate Judeo-Christian culture, which tells us from a young age about "a loving God who allows his son to be crucified and killed" and instructs us to "turn the other cheek" which is to ignore betrayal and harm directed toward us, our friends, and community: to be intellectually blind and stupidly accepting of whatever others want to do to us. Obedience to authority, acceptance of abuse, and ignoring your own accurate perceptions of objective reality, reason, and/or your personal preferences are "Holy", saintly, and the way to be rewarded—after you die—and go to "heaven” where you will be whole, loved, and richly rewarded.

We don't have any options: we are only taught to use the hammers of drugs and vaccines: Physicians get zero training in therapeutic nutrition and are taught to disdain herbal/botanical treatments, such as licorice, which for example inhibits a wide range of viruses. Medical doctors generally have no idea about various nutritional strategies for blocking viral replication or supporting immune function, and this is why in 2014 I published a book titled "Antiviral Strategies and Immune Nutrition." Most healthcare providers have no organized intellectual structure via which to address viral infections, and this is why the treatment and prevention of viral infections continues to be generally clinically inadequate, physiologically incomplete, and drug-dependent; I have discussed this in several articles, book chapters, videos, and conference presentations.

Vaccination as Intellectual Filter—Resistance is Futile: I will always remember my first week of medical school, when I was called into the office of the Vice President, who told me that because I was slow in getting my hepatitis B vaccine that I was "a threat to the public health and non-compliant with school policy" which was obviously his way of saying they were about to kick me out of medical school. That is really a remarkable situation to find oneself in, being told that one's natural existence is somehow evil and threatening to other people, and that humanity itself is defective without medical intervention, apparently designed to self-destruct without pharmaceutical salvation. Absurdity such as this was noted in Henry Reed's famous poem "Naming of Parts" published in New Statesman and Nation (8 August 1942)

     Upon hearing that I am a threat to public health without the salvation of vaccination, my identity as “medical student” and “future doctor” is captive and will die unless I get vaccinated. The captivation (state of being captive) of childhood psychology returns: if we want to survive and if we want to advance, we have to submit to vaccinations.

     More to the immediate point was the fact that I had just relocated and signed a year's lease and quit my previous work to attend medical school – what was I supposed to do in this situation: stand up for my rights and lose everything or submit to vaccine dogma and the medical domination of society. What about the patients I might help in the future – should I forgo that opportunity for the sake of protecting my own health and personal integrity? In short summary: in medical school we are forced to get personally vaccinated, and medical training we are forced to deploy vaccines and also receive additional vaccines as they become commercially available, such that the only way to graduate from medical school and residency program is to fully submit to the vaccine paradigm. This has nothing to do with science, and very little to do with legitimate health care; most vaccines have little or no evidence supporting their routine use, and some vaccines actually show "negative efficacy" which means that they actually cause more harm than good, even for the exact infections they are supposedly preventing. So basically anytime you see a doctor who is "board certified" you're looking at someone who either had to crush their own soul and submit to vaccination or who sold their soul to the vaccine paradigm without thinking – usually the latter.

Zero training about vaccines, their adverse effects: I have had two different/distinct professional licenses that allow me to give vaccines, and I have three doctorate degrees in healthcare, but I never had a single class on anything related to vaccines. Even more telling is the fact that information about vaccines is likewise missing from medical board exams. If the subject of vaccines were taken seriously, then surely it would be included in national medical licensing exams; the fact that it is not on the exams correlates with the observation that the subject is not addressed in medical school education, nor in review books for licensing exams. 

     The power and depth of the vaccination indoctrination becomes most plainly obvious when medical graduates endorse vaccines that are well-known to have zero supporting clinical evidence. Even when faced with zero data supporting safety and efficacy, the indoctrinated will repeatedly parrot “vaccines are safe and effective”—such is the power of years of sleep deprivation, hazing and intimidation, and enforced group-think. Relatedly, the idea that “vaccination = immunization via protective antibodies” is quite naïve, considering that many infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, herpes simplex infections, and Chlamydia infections are all known to have high circulating levels of antibodies which quite obviously do not provide protection—in fact, higher antibody titers associate with worse prognosis. Unproven vaccines may not provide efficacy, but they clearly carry grave risks and tremendous multimillion $£€ costs.


Vaccines are about power and control, not about health: When I was in family medicine residency, in exactly the same time-frame when we were being forced to receive the most recent flu vaccination, I actually became ill with what might've been H1N1 influenza; regardless of the exact virus, I was acutely ill with a systemic flu-like viral infection. Prior to having to work overnight in the hospital in the emergency department in internal medicine, I woke from a short nap with projectile vomiting and all the signs of an acute viral illness. I called to reasonably inform the so-called "team" that I was sick and would not or should not come to the hospital to work with acutely ill patients when I myself with was acutely ill; by contract, I had a modest cache out of sick days that I could use. Contract and medical ethics be damned: they said I had to come to the hospital and work in the emergency department, regardless of the fact that I was sick and vomiting. Note the paradox of being forced to get vaccinated, supposedly to prevent the spread of contagious disease, and then simultaneously being forced to work with patients who are life-and-death ill while one has the contagious stage of a severe viral illness. The hospital and residency program were violating the employment contract and were putting frail patients mostly elderly and poor with cardiac and pulmonary disease at risk by forcing me to work when I was acutely ill. That experience opened my eyes even wider to the hypocrisy and ultimate goals of medicine.


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2016 Presentation Video: Examining Immunity

Dr Vasquez discusses aspects of pharmaceutically-acquired immunity

Dr Vasquez doesn't really care about the vaccine issue but notes that the "supportive dogma" is quite fragile and that most groups and individuals supporting vaccines have severe conflicts of interest, mostly via the receipt of payments by the drug industry; whether we call this "paid endorsement" or "bribery" is a matter of choice and courage. The main points of this presentation are: 

  1. Vaccines cannot be discussed as a group because they each have different ingredients and different levels of risk and effectiveness. By extension, no intelligent conversation can take place without first considering the ingredients of each vaccine and the cumulative immunological and metabolic effects.

    • Rather than regurgitating dogma, look at the facts: The ingredients such as mercury, aluminum, allergenic antibiotics, and culture media from eggs, animals such as monkeys, and aborted human cellsThe current list of ingredients of the most common vaccines is provided by the CDC's "pink book" available from the CDC.GOV and also archived here

  2. Adverse (mostly immune-mediated) effects of vaccines are mediated by inflammatory responses, not toxicological responses; therefore the "dose makes the poison" argument does not apply. 

    • Rather than regurgitating dogma, look at the facts:The fact that many people have devastating allergic and anaphylactic reactions to minute doses of allergens/immunogens and that vaccine ingredients include many common allergens/immunogens ranging from antibiotics to toxic metals such as aluminum and mercury to chemical such as formaldehyde to cellular proteins from animal and human sources​​

  3. The idea that an antibody response to a vaccine is proof of clinical immunity is completely absurd because we know that people with chronic infections (such as herpes, viral hepatitis and HIV) and immune defects (inability to clear an ongoing infection) produce antibodies virtually all of the time, and these antibodies fail to provide protection from the infections. 

    • Rather than regurgitating dogma, look at the facts: Antibody responses do not equate to effective clinical immunity.

  4. Some vaccine responses produce either immune defects and/or tolerance rather than the goal of effective immunity. Note that in the 2016 malaria trial, the long-term result was an increase in malaria infections among vaccinated persons. 

    • Rather than regurgitating dogma, look at the facts from a recent malaria vaccine trial (that used the rabies vaccine as the "control": ​""The investigators now report that during the fifth through seventh years of surveillance, there was an apparent negative rebound in vaccine efficacy, which is attributable to negative values for efficacy among children with higher-than-average exposure to malaria."  N Engl J Med 2016; 374:2596-2597June 30, 2016 DOI: 10.1056/NEJMe1606007.  See video describing "negative vaccine efficacy" from NEJM.

 New publication 2016:  Inflammation Mastery 4th Edition


Samples and excerpts:

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