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Dr Vasquez's "Functional Inflammology Protocol" is the most efficient means for Understanding, Organizing, and Clinically Addressing the Major Causes of "Chronic Inflammation" in its 4 major forms: 1) Metabolic, 2) Allergic, 3) Autoimmune, and 4) Neuroinflammatory

The overall structure is the Functional Inflammology Protocol as represented in the main textbooks and few large keynote videos. The main textbook is Inflammation Mastery 4th Edition which contains chapters 1-5; this book was also published in 2 volumes as Textbook of Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine​​, Volume 1: Essential Knowledge (Chapters 1-4) and Volume 2: Clinical Protocols (Chapter 5). Note that these books are discounted on the ICHNFM website and are also available in digital ebook formats from / Kindle and Barnes and Noble / Nook

  1. VIDEO #1 from 2013 International Conference on Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine: Functional Inflammology Protocol (part 1): Introduction, Origins, and Review of Diet

  2. VIDEO #2: Functional Inflammology Protocol (part 2): Beyond Diet, Review of Other Components

  3. VIDEO #3 from France 2017: A review of the Functional Inflammology Protocol with an extension of the 3 main types of inflammation to include neuroinflammation; presented in France 2017

These 3 videos establish the history, justification, and overall structure of the clinical protocols; thus, reviewing these videos is really necessary for understanding the overall approach. The strength of this approach is in the overall protocol organized by the FINDSEX® acronym which allows clinicians and researchers to organize their thoughts rapidly and comprehensively and to thereafter customize treatment as detailed in the printed/ebook clinical monographs. 

Like Hans and Franz used to say, "Hear me now; believe me later"; learning the functional inflammology protocol and its 7 main components should be the priority because doing so gives the reader/clinician/scholar the "intellectual structure" into which and from which the tactical components and individual protocols can be used.

In other words: the functional inflammology protocol is an intellectual structure for organizing the most important therapeutic considerations; one can envision the functional inflammology protocol as a bookshelf or an intellectual library, into which and from which therapeutic protocols can be inserted and removed but most importantly organized for rapid recall and efficient utilization. 

In terms of diagnosis and management, these skills come from formal training and clinical experience; in functional medicine practice and therapeutics, the FINDSEX® acronym is the most efficient and practical tool for per-patient use.

The 3 videos immediately below are also linked above, each with its own page; they have been duplicated here for convenience and can be enlarged by clicking the full-screen icon in the bottom right corner of the video. Use password "DrVprotocol_volume1" for video "Part 2"; use the hyperlinks provided above if unable to view videos successfully. 

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