​Essay in progress, meanwhile please see this PDF sample from Dr Vasquez's textbook.  Here are the facts: 

  1. Medical doctors receive zero training in clinical nutrition in medical school and residency; the only training that we receive in nutrition is the study in Pathology of nutritional deficiency diseases, but doctors have no clue how to use nutrition effectively in the interventional treatment of clinical disease

  2. Medical journals such as JAMA, NEJM, AFP and news outlets such as Medscape publish rubbish on nutrition (usually by medical authors who of course have no training and zero expertise in nutrition, ie the blind leading the blind), engage in active fear-mongering against nutrition, and essentially exacerbate confusion and ignorance among physicians rather than serving them appropriately with accurate and useful information.

  3. These organizations and publications should hire a real expert physician with doctorate-level training in clinical nutrition: Dr Alex Vasquez