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Websites & Social Media

ICHNFM has aquired and retired several website designs and domains over the years and has also integrated websites from key partners, specifically Dr Alex Vasquez. A quick listing of related websites is provided here: 

  1. ICHNFM.ORG: The main website, completely redesigned and relocated in October 2015; please note that the previous ICHNFM.ORG is now archived at the website for the Journal (#2 below) so that any "ICHNFM" permalinks can now be found by substituting "intjhumnutrfunctmed", eg, "ICHNFM.ORG/videos" is now ""

  2. Int J Hum Nutr Funct Med. ORG: The main website for the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, owned, copyrighted and trademarked by ICHNFM. 

  3. Facebook for Conference, ICHNFM: This was the original Facebook location for the 2013 International Conference. Since that time, this page has become used for news and updates of a more social and casual nature.

  4. Facebook for College: This page is used for more scientific, academic, and professional-level updates and news.

  5. Facebook for Journal:

  6. Facebook for Revista Latinoamericana de Nutrición Humana y Medicina Funcional: News in Spanish or otherwise of interest to the international Spanish-speaking community. 

  7. ICHNFM video archive: Free access for most, pay-per-view for themes and conference presentations

    • All (free)

    • The "New" Mitochondrial Medicine in Routine General Practice

    • Functional Inflammology: The Foundation of Treatment for All Chronic/Sustained Inflammatory Disorders

      • Videos: update coming soon

      • Articles and descriptionupdate coming soon

      • Certificate course on Functional Inflammology and Inflammation Masteryupdate coming soon

  8. Twitter by Dr Vasquez: Posts from all Facebook pages, plus separate posts on various health/medical topics, including social events with health implications. 


  9. Inflammation Mastery by Dr Alex Vasquez: Dr Vasquez's personal/professional posts, generally clinical, occastionally polemical within appropriate limits; related to the books Inflammation Mastery (black and white printing) and Functional Inflammology (color printing) printed via ICHNFM.

  10. Antiviral Nutrition: This Facebook page discusses viral infections, immune nutrition, and vaccinations, relevant to the ICHNFM Antiviral Strategy, published in 2014:




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