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ICHNFM Membership

Update on ICHNFM Memberships: In 2020, ICHNFM is going to have a hiatus on Memberships while the organization is transitioning/merging to a nonprofit structure, in addition to other logistics. New videos and articles will be added here and along with any important updates at posted at and See also and for additional video and article downloads. 

  • Provides you with inexpensive 24/7 access to the video archives covering various topics in clinical nutrition and functional medicine

  • Provides a membership certificate

  • Provides the ability to request a webinar-style case review and consultation, the opportunity to receive feedback and advice on the management of difficult clinical cases (for clinicians). Clinicians request a preliminary review of the case that they have organized into a PPT presentation; if approved (sufficient clarity of case and complexity) of clinical situation), the case will be reviewed with an ICHNFM staff member, recorded, edited, and provided.

  • Healthcare providers can further request access to our Facebook group's ~200 members where we discuss news, research, and cases.


Even if all that you do is access the video archive, you will be receiving access to many graduate-level and post-graduate presentations and teaching sessions covering the conceptual basis and practical implementation of the functional medicine approach to treating and managing a wide range of conditions.  

Support this work that benefits you. To bring you this work, our costs include websites, software, video hosting, press releases, massive amounts of faculty time for research, presentation, editing, curation, professional fees, certifications and accreditations...

1. Enjoy the work: Free journal articles, excerptssocial media updates, and blogs with clinical importance, low-cost ebooks for managing migraine, fibromyalgia, viral infections, mTOR, press releases
2. Benefit from the work: Enhance your practice and clinical success with masterpiece books and courses that do more than pay for themselves, excellent ROI (return on investment)
3. Support the work: Purchase an online course, ebook, monograph, textbook or donate via GoFundMe.

4. See our store for discounts

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