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OPEN ENROLLMENT: Please see the Microbiome-Dysbiosis Course Syllabus (PDF) for details; that document is occasionally updated/modified/clarified, so please be sure to access the most recent and current version:

Course Content and Criteria for Successful Completion/Passing—Outline and Checklist: Students are requested to participate in any on-line/live discussions. For many people, the conversations and discussions are really where this information “comes to life” and where new perspectives can be shared and integrated. Even for students who might generally prefer to work alone, the reading of and (hopefully) participation in course discussions is ensured to provide a broader perspective on the material that what one could attain solo. Participation in any forums or live discussions is optional/ancillary and not included in the core CE/CME program.

  1. Pretest—sampling of material: CE/CME standards encourage a pretest to assess the preexisting learning gap and to allow "before and after" comparison to assess the post-instruction attainment of knowledge. The pretest also allows students/attendees to become familiar with the software interface, test system compatibility on multiple devices, and the terminology, concepts, level of detail, and clinical applications of the information. No minimum passing score is required; students/attendees are encouraged to take the test without studying, preferably prior to reading the clinical monograph.

  2. Clinical monograph: Books provide highly structured, organized, and concrete delivery of complex materials; the clinical monograph provides images, questions, and case reports including laboratory interpretation. The text portion of this program is approximately 144 pages printed in beautiful full-color, or discounted grayscale; both versions of the monograph are available at discount pricing as described in the syllabus (PDF). Availability of the text detailing all aspects of dysbiosis is as follows:

    1. Online, free, plain text: The entire plain text of the book is included within the ICHNFM online learning platform at

    2. Monograph booklet: The printed monograph is available as a stand-alone book, printed in full-color or discounted grayscale; see hyperlinks and discount codes in syllabus.

    3. Incorporation within new texbooksThe microbiome/dysbiosis clinical monograph is now included within Inflammation Mastery 4th Edition (paper book and digital ebook) and Textbook of Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Volume 1 (paper book and digital ebook). 

  3. Videos—viewing video presentations: Professionally produced and edited presentations are delivered via the learning management system (LMS) online interface; viewing is required prior to accessing the second test. Passing this section and receiving CE/CME credit requires achieving a minimum score of 70% on the second test which is specific to the presented videos. Students/attendees are allowed to take the test up to five times; the highest score is used for evaluation.

  4. Certificate: Students/attendees print or download the Certificate of Achievement and documentation/certification of CE/CME hours after completing parts 1,2,3 described above.

Course materialssee PDF syllabus for the clinical-therapeutic importance of each individual presentation

  1. Pretest

  2. Printed monograph: See sample image gallery

  3. Video # 1: Overview of Course; Major Microbial Molecules and Metabolites Audio  PDF transcript

  4. Video # 2: Physiologic and Physiologic Mechanisms of Dysbiosis SAMPLE

  5. Video # 3: Prototypic Clinical Patterns SAMPLE

  6. Video # 4: Testing Microbes & Treating Dysbiosis

  7. Video # 5: Start of Dysbiosis by Location—The Mouth

  8. Video # 6: Dysbiosis by Location—The Sinuses and Respiratory Tract

  9. Video # 7: Dysbiosis by Location—GenitoUrinary Tract

  10. Video # 8: Dysbiosis by Location—Blood, Tissue, Parenchymal Dysbioses

  11. Video # 9: Dysbiosis by Location—Skin and Environmental Dysbiosis

  12. Video # 10: Dysbiosis by Location—Gastrointestinal (gut) Dysbiosis Prototypes

  13. Video # 11: Dysbiosis by Location—Gastrointestinal (gut) Dysbiosis Solutions: Part 1 overview SAMPLE, Part 2 treatment, Part 3 treatment, Part 4 treatmentand summary

  14. Video # 12: Gut-Brain Connection

  15. Video # 13: Review, Summary of Major Concepts, Preparation for Certifying Exam

  16. Certifying Examination

 Get the new clinical protocols:  Inflammation Mastery 4th Ed


Samples and excerpts: Click on PDF (larger PDF with photos) to see inside.

Get all the protocols immediately in your iPad, phone and computer via Amazon's free Kindle software for iPad, phone, and computer. 

Samples and excerpts: Click on PDF (larger PDF with photos) to see inside.

Get all the protocols immediately in your iPad, phone and computer via Amazon's free Kindle software for iPad, phone, and computer. 


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