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Functional Inflammology at 700 pages published in 2014 has been upgraded to "Textbook of Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine, vol. 1: Essential Knowledge for Safe Action and Effective Treatment" (ISBN 9780990620457) expanded to 742 pages with expanded sections on viral infections, nutritional immunorestoration, complete update of the dysbiosis section, and additional edits. Printed in color for additional engagement and emphasis, of DrV's foundational protocol for the three types of chronic/persistent/sustained inflammation encountered in clinical practice: 1) metabolic, 2) allergic, and 3) rheumatic/autoimmune. "Volume 1" is the culmination of several thousand research publications combined with DrV's many years of clinical experience and teaching graduate-level students and doctorate-level clinicians worldwide. No refunds on discounts & intellectual property; see "Terms of Use/Sale" (linked at the bottom).

Volume 1 ($100, retail $120)

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