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Dr Vasquez's "Functional Inflammology Protocol 2017, Part 3": A Short Extension and Review of Basic Concepts and Clinical Applications

Thank you for your interest; the free viewing period of this 2-hour video has ended, and the video is now archived in the Membership Video Archive. However, you can access 3 samples from this video, provided below. This presentation should be considered "Part 3" in the overview and summary of the "Functional Inflammology Protocol"; the most important addition for 2017 is that of the fourth type of chronic/sustained inflammation, which is brain inflammation or neuroinflammation. Obviously, more details are provided in the Inflammation Mastery textbooks and in the more detailed videos, especially the program on Human Microbiome and Dysbiosis in Clinical Disease. See also: 

  1. Functional Inflammology, Part 1, History, Development, and Introduction (2013)

  2. ......

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