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Deciphering the Gut-Brain Axis in Clinical Practice: From Understanding to Taking Safe & Effective Action

Gut-Brain Axis Clinical Spectrum:

  1. Depression, anxiety, stress

  2. Brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury

  3. Autism, Schizophrenia, Bipolar

  4. Neurodegeneration, e.g., Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases

  5. Hyperphagia, obesity, insulin resistance

  6. Multiple sclerosis

  7. PANDAS/PANS, and (pediatric) obsessive-compulsive disorder

  8. Brainstem encephalitis 

  9. Migraine

  10. Fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndromes, CFS-SEID

Deciphering the Gut-Brain Axis in Clinical Practice: From Understanding to Taking Safe & Effective Action

  • ​This work is available in various formats to meet your learning preferences and needs:

    • CME, continuing medical education​: 

    • Printed book

    • Audio book

    • On-demand video:

The best ways to learn include 1) studying the material, 2) accessing the material via different modes such as print, audio, and video, and 3) objectively assessing your understanding of the material via an expert-written exam. ​

Course materialssee PDF syllabus for the clinical-therapeutic importance of each individual presentation

  1. Pretest

  2. Printed monograph: See sample image gallery

  3. Video # 1: Overview of Course; Major Microbial Molecules and Metabolites Audio  PDF transcript

  4. Video # 2: Physiologic and Physiologic Mechanisms of Dysbiosis SAMPLE

  5. Video # 3: Prototypic Clinical Patterns SAMPLE

  6. Video # 4: Testing Microbes & Treating Dysbiosis

  7. Video # 5: Start of Dysbiosis by Location—The Mouth

  8. Video # 6: Dysbiosis by Location—The Sinuses and Respiratory Tract

  9. Video # 7: Dysbiosis by Location—GenitoUrinary Tract

  10. Video # 8: Dysbiosis by Location—Blood, Tissue, Parenchymal Dysbioses

  11. Video # 9: Dysbiosis by Location—Skin and Environmental Dysbiosis

  12. Video # 10: Dysbiosis by Location—Gastrointestinal (gut) Dysbiosis Prototypes

  13. Video # 11: Dysbiosis by Location—Gastrointestinal (gut) Dysbiosis Solutions: Part 1 overview SAMPLE, Part 2 treatment, Part 3 treatment, Part 4 treatmentand summary

  14. Video # 12: Gut-Brain Connection

  15. Video # 13: Review, Summary of Major Concepts, Preparation for Certifying Exam

  16. Certifying Examination

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FOR CLARITY: Chapter 5.1b from Inflammation Mastery 4th Edition was published separately as

Pain Revolution in color and later as

Brain Inflammation in discounted grayscale; the digital versions are identical.

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