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Microbiome and Clinical Dysbiosis: Video Series

This ICHNFM video series is available via two routes: 
  1. CE/CME course online at Dr Vasquez orchestrates the CE/CME course "Human Microbiome and Dysbiosis in Clinical Disease" (PDF syllabus)
  2. Noncredit pay-per-view online at can choose individual videos, or discount access to all videos for an entire year with unlimited private viewing. 

In this course, which details the molecular basis and clinical management of dysbiosis-induced disease, Dr Vasquez walks participants through the most important considerations and concepts for the successful management of various forms of dysbiosis, differentiated by metabolic impact and inflammatory consequences, as well as clinical phenotypes and prototypes, so that clinicians can truly master the impact of microbial imbalances in clinical care. The accompanying (sold separately at discount price) printed clinical monograph provides an additional 14 hours of video access for additional insight and clinical application. For a conceptual review in print, see DrV's translational review published in 2015.

Course Introduction: In the excerpt below from video #1, Dr Vasquez provides the conceptual overview and clinical context of microbial influences in dysbiosis-induced disease. Dr Vasquez introduces the intellectual structure of his "functional inflammology protocol", recalled by the famous "FINDSEX ® acronym, trademarked in association with the Inflammation Mastery series of books and videos.

Excerpt from video #6: In the excerpt below from video #6, Dr Vasquez reviews the most important considerations in sinorespiratory dysbiosis.



Note that both of these video excerpts can be enlarged for *full screen* viewing here at ICHNFM.ORG.

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Book details: Purchase directly from our publisher, via the hyperlinks provided below using discounts when available, or for ease and overnight shipping choose for all books published by International College of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. For the bigger books of 700, 900, upto 1200 pages, the best discount is only via ICHNFM.ORG's bookstore.


For DrV's books, a bit of orientation is helpful: Basically, these books are built on a core of information (Functional Inflammology, volume 1) which is continuously expanded and updated. Because everything is structured, the best approach is to understand the overall structure of the material:

  1. Chapter 1: Clinical Approach: Very important concepts in patient assesment, laboratory tests and interpretation, risk management; also includes two clinical sections on two common conditions: 1) iron overload, and 2) hypothyroidism, assesment and treatment of both. Started in 2004 with Integrative Orthopedics, continuously updated, and most recently revised in 2014.

  2. Chapter 2: Wellness Promotion and Healthy Living: A complete review of "wellness promotion" and healthy living. Started in 2004 with Integrative Orthopedics, continuously updated, and most recently revised in 2014.

  3. Chapter 3: Integrative pain management: Started in 2004 with Integrative Orthopedics,continuously updated, and most recently revised in 2014.

  4. Chapter 4: Functional Inflammology: This is the "mother lode" or "full monte" of the functional inflammology protocol, wherein everything is detailed to the molecular level and clinical implementation, including dosages. Started in 2006 with Integrative Rheumatology, continuously updated, and most recently revised in 2015.

    • Chapters 1-4: Functional Inflammology, volume 1 (700 pages)

    • Stand-alone excerpt of Chapter 4: Inflammation and Autoimmune Solutions: Seven Keys of the Updated FINDSEX Protocol: Second Edition in Color

    • Update 2014: Antiviral Strategies and Immune Nutrition

    • Update 2015: Mastering mTOR (ebook)

    • Update 2015: Human Microbiome and Dysbiosis in Human Disease (CE monograph)

    • Update 2015: Section on fibromyalgia is updated to include discussion and detailing of glial activation

  5. Chapter 5: Clinical Applications: Initially this Chapter began as a compilation of the clinical sections from Integrative Rheumatology and Inflammation Mastery (2006-2014) and later grew -- in 2015 -- to include sections from Chiropractic and Naturopathic Mastery of Common Clinical Disorders, specifically the sections on Hypertension (previously published as a seprate book Functional Medicine for Chronic Hypertension), Diabetes, Migraine, Allergy and Asthma. The absolute limit of the publisher is 1200 pages per book, and this book uses that full capacity of publication.


Inflammation Mastery, 4th Edition (2015): this is the new "master textbook" of the updated information and protocols

  • Availbility: Will be available in mid-November 2015

  • Textbook: Approximately 1200 pages, containing Functional Inflammology, volume 1 and Rheumatology v3, plus updates an