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Energy failure (mitochondrial dysfunction) contributes to chronic pain, migraine

New integrated models of disease are allowing for better insight and more effective treatments for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (SEID), and migraine headaches:

  • We know for sure now that migraine is caused by mitochondrial dysfunction: impaired production of ATP from mitochondria. The best treatments for migraine are the treatments that improve mitochondrial function.

  • In migraine, the failure of mitochondrial performance is endogenous: coming from within.

  • In fibromyalgia, the failure of mitochondrial performance is exogenous: coming from outside.

  • Very importantly, inflammation can cause mitochondrial impairment, and mitochondrial impairment can cause inflammation. However, the combination of inflammation with mitochondrial impairment is particularly devistating for the nervous system, strongly promoting pain, "sensitization", migraine and seizure as well as neurodegeneration.

Doctors are now realizing: To effectively treat these chronic pain conditions, we have to improve the patients' nutritional status, and we have to specifically improve mitochondrial performance.

Additional information for doctors and patients:

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