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Available, Affordable, and Convenient #Nutrition and #FunctionalMedicine Protocols

Post-graduate and continuing medical education in functional medicine has notoriously been described as 1) expensive, 2) inapplicable, and 3) self-congratulatory; each of these will be described:

  1. Functional medicine CME is notoriously expensive: Doctors pay some of the highest per-hour fees in all of CME to study functional medicine. As such, the entire field becomes elitist and associated with inordinate charges.

  2. Big words and concepts without immediate application: We've all attended seminars and conferences in functional medicine that are loaded with exciting concepts and ideas, but which cannot be applied clinically. This is not entirely accidental; by keeping people excited yet dependent, conference organizers can sell more courses and package them together in "certification" programs.

  3. Self-congratulatory: Nearly all of us have attended functional medicine conferences where we in the audience are told how lucky we are to be in attendance, as if payment, travel, and time away from work and home and family were not already sufficient. This lack of humility again contributes to the elitist reputation of certain functional medicine groups.

Now with the publication of Inflammation Mastery 4th Edition and the progressive release of digital/ebook versions of the same, doctors and clinicians can spend more time learning and mastering the material rather than (as detailed below) traveling to airports, hotels, conferences and investing so much time away from home and office.

Simply access the book, watch the videos, and gain immediate and convenient access to the clinical protocols you've been craving.

Immediate download:

  1. Reasonable and affordable price: The textbook of Inflammation Mastery 4th Edition is 1200 pages, printed in full-color. Any practicing clinician can easily recoup the price of the book in a single day, assuredly within the first week of use. For patients who want such an authoritative book to help guide their own treatment, they will find the cost of the book to be less than that of an office visit with most clinicians. Smaller books and excerpts are also available for patients and clinicians who want to focus on only one topic; some ebooks are available less than the cost of a mocha:

  2. Immediate applicability: The book is written entirely for clinical applications. No "fluff" except for a few contextualizing conversations and a few colorful photos on pages that mark transitions from one chapter to another.

  3. At your service: The book is intended to DELIVER THE GOODS not simply talk about and talk around the subjects. The book provides the concepts, citations, and videos that aid learning, application, and confidence.