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Putting the Genomic Cart before the Phenotypic Horse: An Early Outline of the Argument Against Routi

The hyperenthusiasm for "genomics" is basically the religious-like belief in Scientific Positivism, ie, that the endless pursuit of science will give us the solutions we need. I would describe the clinical use of genomics as 1) occasionally useful, 2) generally distracting and worthless at it takes attention and money away from more effective actions, 3) ripe for corporate profiteering -- the corporate goal with genomic testing is to compile all of the data, 4) ripe for invasion of privacy -- oops, none of us have privacy now as it is with our phones and computers already being monitored, so anyone who says that genomic data will be secure is clearly living in a convenient fantasy land. Furthermore, 5) genomic testing will only be available to the financial elite -- thus equating to healthcare inequality, and 6) most of the interventions based on genomic information are drugs.

We do not need genomic testing to tell us that nearly everyone needs: 1) a safe supportive environment in which to work and live, 2) air/food/water free of toxins, GMO, pesticides, 3) adequate nutrition, 4) clearance of persistent infections/dysbiosis, 5) hormonal balance, 6) mitochondrial support to counteract all of the toxins to which we are exposed, 7) adequate sleep, rest, 8) time and resources for creative expression and social/political/meaningful engagement.

Most of the "translational" articles I've read on genomic testing for routine clinical practice are simply ridiculous; they make mountains out of molehills so they can push this new testing technology and sell the associated tests and drugs.

Additional information for doctors and patients:

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