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Welcome Dr Atanas Atanasov to the ICHNFM Board of Editors/Reviewers/Instructors

Atanas G. Atanasov PhD

  • Biographical sketch: Dr. Atanasov is a senior researcher at Department of Pharmacognosy, University of Vienna, Austria. He was involved in the execution of the Austrian national network “Drugs From Nature Targeting Inflammation” (DNTI, 2008-2014), a collaborative research project which has been financed with >3 000 000 Euro from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) to support the identification and characterization of plant-derived natural products counteracting inflammatory responses. Dr. Atanasov has also been appointed as a beneficiary member and actively contributed to the European Commission 7th Framework Program (FP7) network consortium “Good Practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine (GP-TCM)”. In recognition of his overall achievements, Dr. Atanasov has been awarded in 2012 with “Focus of Excellence” fellowship by the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna. His research interests broadly cover molecular medicine, characterization of the regulation of physiological responses in health and disease, and study of bioactive compounds and molecular targets suitable for therapeutic interventions. Dr. Atanasov has published >60 peer-reviewed publications (h-index >20). In addition to traditional ways for scientific dissemination (research publications, conference contributions), Dr. Atanasov has been very successful in respect of direct science communication in the Social Media (Klout score >70).

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  • Languages: English, German, Bulgarian, Russian

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